Betting on Print!

With New Presses, Daily News Is Betting on World of Print

The New York Times

Washington Blade Newspaper Closes

The New York Times

YouTube to Help Sites Gather News Clips

The New York Times

Deputy at Time Magazine to Be BusinessWeek Editor

The New York Times

The once-defunct New York Sun is slowly rising

Nieman Journalism Lab

AP Covers Its Own Layoffs: 38 Jobs Gone (So Far)

Editor & Publisher

Four Newspaper Circulation Offices in NYC Raided in Union Corruption Probe

Editor & Publisher

New Study Points to Healthy Newspaper Readership

Editor & Publisher

Deep Brand Engagement Creates Customers


Top Internet Trends of 2000-2009: Democratization of News Media

Read Write Web

The Digital Future — Goin’ Mobile!

Editor & Publisher

Brands on Twitter: 76% of Accounts Are Infrequent Users

Advertising Age

Twitter to overhaul user list seen as partisan


Gannett Gets Buzzed


USA Today tests online edition at colleges


Study: Most Won’t Pay for Newspaper, Magazine Content Online

PC World

Times editor James Harding outlines plans for online charging


Spending on subscription media up 7%

The Hollywood Reporter

Yahoo Rebrands Its Right Media Exchange as Premium

Advertising Age

Health, wealth and sex sell best on web

Reflections of a Newsosaur

Is Facebook Getting Uncool for 18-24s?


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