Kirkus Closes!

Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Reviews Close

The New York Times

Livening Up a Staid Magazine

The New York Times

Big Shake-Ups at Ad Trade Publications

The New York Times

After the Divorce, AOL Faces Challenges

The New York Times

How Programmer/Journalists Are Changing the News


NY Times prepares to cut two dozen positions

New York Post

Variety Decides to Re-Erect Its Pay Wall

The New York Times

For AOL and Yahoo, it’s deja vu all over again


Vevo Debuts as Top 10 Video Site

Advertising Age

Apple to launch tablet in spring 2010: analyst


Publishers say they’re holding back some e-books


Gannett signals few job cuts

Washington Business Journal

Apple Plots Reboot of iTunes for Web

The Wall Street Journal

Journalism’s Hottest Job


Google Helps Washington Post, The Times Organize Content

Advertising Age

Integrating E-Mail and Social Media


The daunting reality facing newspapers

Reflections of a Newsosaur

The 2009 Silicon Alley 100

Silicon Alley Insider

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