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More Twitter Analysis: Influencers Don’t Retweet, and more

March 24, 2010

The NY Times in all its glory, and more

March 23, 2010

24 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, and more

March 19, 2010

The Real Victims of the Newspaper Collapse (From the Onion – hilarious!)

All Things Digital

Old and New Media Coexisting Nicely, Thank You

The New York Times

Op-Ed: Why the Internet Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize


24 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute


Jimmy Wales: Papers Should Ditch Columnists, Google Is Naïve

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Reuters Offers New Financial Data Service to Newspapers

Media Bistro

AP, Microsoft Demo Fruits of Collaboration

Editor & Publisher

The Top 15 Brands on the App Store Might Surprise You

Tech Crunch

Sequoia’s Kvamme: Social Media Marketing Can Replace Advertising


Google Will Soon Allow You to Opt Out of Google Analytics Tracking

Read Write Web

Don’t Let Your Website Ruin Your Magazine’s Tablet Edition

Advertising Age

Christiane Amanpour Leaves CNN to Host ABC’s ‘This Week’

Media Bistro Said to Be in Talks to Alter E-Book Prices


Apple Scrambles to Secure iPad Deals

The Wall Street Journal

Advertising vs. Editorial: Can This Marriage Be Saved?


Twitter and News and Media Websites

March 17, 2010

Talking Back to Your TV, Incessantly

The New York Times

C-Span Puts Full Archives on the Web

The New York Times

Twitter and News and Media Websites

Hit Wise

ABC Tinkers with the Idea of Midday News

NY Observer

Facebook Tops Google As Most Visited Site in the U.S.


“Top Ten Signs You Spend Too Much Time On Twitter”

Dave Letterman – Twitter Top 10—Twitter-Top-Ten

The Washington Post to launch business weekly

Washington Business Journal

Visual Journalism

Nieman Reports

IBM Thinks There Will Be More “Things” On The Internet Than People Eventually

Silicon Alley Insider

‘NYT’ and ‘WSJ’ Launch Advertising Campaigns Touting New York Dominance

Editor & Publisher

Survey: Readers don’t want to pay for news online

AP News

New York Times’ Exclusive Run at Starbucks Ends

Advertising Age

Pew: Online News Users Don’t Want To Pay—Or Look At Ads

Paid Content

Mixing Business With Pleasure


Joy Behar, New York Times Big Winners at GLAAD Awards


Ben Zimmer New ‘On Language’ Columnist: New York Times Magazine Names William Safire Successor

Huffington Post

Instant Ads Set the Pace on the Web

The New York Times

New York Times debuts ad campaign


How the New York Times and CNN try to keep up with the tech companies

The Guardian

How to Save the New York Times in Three Steps


10 Reasons Why News Organizations Should Use ‘Linked Data’


Plenty of Ads to Go Around on Oscar Night, and more

March 5, 2010

Plenty of Ads to Go Around on Oscar Night

The New York Times

Ads Posted on Facebook Strike Some as Off-Key

The New York Times

Google Uses Personal Data to Tailor Up to 20% of Searches


The Newsonomics of time-on-site

Nieman Journalism Lab

Is Content King? Then Distribution Is Crown Prince

Silicon Alley Insider

Huffington Post Blasts Past 40 Million Monthly Unique Visitors

Silicon Alley Insider

Fortune Redesigns for Changed Economic Climate

Media Week

Hulu’s future in limbo after Viacom pulls plug

New York Post

Survey: Men more likely to Tweet, Facebook

Boston Business Journal

NY Times’ Sulzberger Explains Philosophy Behind Charging for Articles


Washington Post’s Sheikholeslami: ‘Year Of Experimentation’ For Paid Mobile App

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Google Experiments With Searching Using Gestures

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Can This Rutabaga Get More Fans Than…?


iPad Will Solve Magazines’ Business Problem, and more

March 3, 2010

BBC Proposes Deep Cuts in Web Site

The New York Times

Dan Abrams to Launch Style Site


FT plans PayPal option for online news

Financial Times

Yahoo News Brings News Commenting Back

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FT brand will continue to expand

Marketing Week

Facebook’s 2009 Revenue Breakdown

Silicon Alley Insider

Anderson: iPad Will Solve Magazines’ Business Problem

Media Week

Why Baby Boomers Can’t Be Put in One Box – Jerry Shereshewsky

Advertising Age

Washington Post CEO: No Plans To Charge For Online Edition

The Wall Street Journal

NYT’s Sulzberger, FT’s Ridding On Growing Through Subscription

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Omniture And Facebook Ink Deal To Bring Analytics And Buying Tools To Social Marketing

Media Post

Facebook Fanpages Get ‘Professional’ Treatment

Media Post

Chatroulette, by the Numbers

The Wall Street Journal

News You Can Use About How You Use News

PC World

Marketers sick of social media buzzwords

Biz Report

Lowered Expectations: Web Refines Quality, and more

February 22, 2010

Honoring Citizen Journalists

The New York Times A solo investment news site gets acquired, but its founder says the web’s no sure bet

Nieman Journalism Lab

The Surreal World of Chatroulette

The New York Times

Lowered Expectations: Web Redefines ‘Quality’

Silicon Alley Insider

AOL Throws More Money At Expensive, Brand Name Journalists

Silicon Alley Insider

Google Buzz Not a Twitter or Facebook Killer, Says Google Exec


Olympic Twitter Tracker Visualizes Tweets


NYT Co. Executives Shed More Light on Meter Model

Editor & Publisher

@pc2010: NYT Metered Model Is Designed To Preserve Reach And Grow Ad Revs

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Video @ paidContent 2010: New York Times Execs On Metered News And More

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You’re Using Social Media. But Just Who Is Overseeing It All?

Advertising Age

Huffington Post Partners with College Newspapers

Washington Post

Ad serving startup Rubicon takes aim at Doubleclick

Venture Beat

The Newsonomics of online marketing

Nieman Journalism Lab